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Discover the Wonder and Majesty of Lapland

November 19, 2018

Sweden is deemed as a nature – lover’s paradise embracing the stark beauty in the north to the lush green vegetation in the south. The in-numerous impressive mountain ranges, rolling fields, thousands of mesmerizing lakes, bucolic forests and the view of midnight sun, allures tourists to this wonder land from all around the world.

Sweden Lapland offers a blend of mesmerizing landscape, heady mix of cultural learning and soul satisfying relaxation. The allure of soul- stirring scenery comprising of exquisite coasts, endless mountain ranges, exotic species of flora and fauna, charms of picturesque beauty, relaxing & beautiful lakes make this place breathtaking and worth visiting. So apply for online Sweden visa now to explore this amazing Supermodel of Sweden landscape.

There is season for everything in Sweden. Whether you want ice and aurora or sylvan summer frolics, every season has its own distinct beauty. However, the winter wonders of this place offer special excitement with stalking wolves, aurora in the north, skating frozen lakes in the South and the Sami festivals. The cold wind, snowmobiling, ice- fishing, long dinner parties that stretch into the night with flickering candles and deep conversation with your loved ones sound terribly inviting.

Winters offer a great time of the year to explore the country. Particularly Lapland, a province in the northern most Sweden provides only magic and adventurous experience during winters. Lapland is an incredibly beautiful place, a region of pure wonder and imagination. This arctic destination is home to innumerous awe-inspiring attractions. The top 5 reasons to pack your bags and head towards Lapland this winter include:



Amazing view of the Dancing Aurora Borealis: The wonder of these dancing northern lights also called Aurora Borealis never show up on demand. Natural factors like solar winds and charged particles in earth’s upper atmosphere constitute this amazing phenomenon. Watching these amazing lights dance and flicker is in the bucket lists of thousands. The places that offer the amazing glimpse of Aurora Borealis are not many. Swedish Lapland is the great place to see the breathtaking results of this dancing light when the natural forces come together right. The stark white winters in this region provide the ideal backdrop for aurora spotting.

Real Arctic Adventure: A short winter break in Swedish Lapland is fun for all ages! It is the perfect place to drive a snowmobile or enjoy sledging. If you prefer to chill out, Lapland offers plenty of calmer and cozier activities like sauna relaxation and Sámi cultural tours. The plethora of other amazing adventurous activities that you get to enjoy here includes cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing excursion & a tour on board the Sampo icebreaker ship.

Christmas Spirit: Winter Holidays in Lapland are bound to include a visit from the man in red.

The mouth watering cuisine, good company, enthralling activities and of course Santa Claus offer an amazing experience beyond imagination. Also, unless you are extremely unlucky, you will also get to celebrate Christmas here with some snow.


To enjoy an authentic & magical holidays this winter get your Sweden Visa now.