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Lollapalooza Festival – This time it’s Sweden!

June 12, 2019

Hey – Want to know the whereabouts of the next Lollapalooza festival! Put your dreaming cap on and grab a Sweden Schengen Visa!

Technology has definitely succeeded in bringing the new world order generation together. Music is the tempting factor that binds these wandering souls together. With the advancement in communication & commutation, the eternal travelers roam the earth looking for the inspiration n forms of musical festivities all around the globe!

True – isn’t it!

Genius planners often present opportunities to these music maniacs to get lost in the music waves. Lollapalooza festival is one such luring opportunity! All you need is a Swedish Visa this time!

Thinking about its history?

It all began in 1991 when this music movement was first introduced to the people as a touring event! Though, it was a slow start, Lollapalooza festival has gained the ever deserving popularity gradually and has become a Global Extravaganza!

Global Extravaganza – oh really! How?

This festival has painted the globe red with its presence so far! Chicago, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Santiago, Paris and Bueno Aries are the few exemplary mentions. Lollapalooza festival has now its eye set on Stockholm Sweden! It is the latest European venture in target!

And why it shouldn’t be?

After all, Stockholm is considered as the most populated city amongst the Nordic Countries. Filled with Warmhearted and lively people, the city welcomes visitors with both hands! The easy connectivity with the entire Europe makes the commute a real ease!

Do you still need an excuse to get a Sweden Visa appointment?

Lollapalooza Festival is considered a pilgrimage for performers and music enthusiasts! The official line up poster for the festival can easily support this fact! This festival is a must to attend for all music lovers from around the world!

Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electronic beats, DJ – You name it and Lollapalooza Festival has it!

Still dodging Sweden Visa Experts!

Here is more!

The program this year is as:

  • Date – June 28th to June 30th
  • Venue – Gardet, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Timings – 1pm Onwards
  • Stages –
    1. Tower Stage
    2. Bay Stage
    3. Park Stage
    4. Perry’s Stage
  • Ground Area – 190 000 Square meters of Music Madness

In Need of more inspiration?

Lollapalooza Festival will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

By this time, The Idea of an unexceptional weekend should start to develop in your mind if you are a music enthusiast and if you are looking for a perfect get away location! Imagine getting lost in the music vibes!

And it is even more convincing, if you have your friends, equally adventurous and mad to take part in this larger than life opportunity! Dancing on the crazy beats with friends is the dream of every party animal! Be a loud Party popper this time!

Still need Proofs?

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