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Stockholm Archipelago- A nature’s wonder

December 25, 2017

Sweden is a beautiful Scandinavian nation with untouched beauty and arresting landscape. This nation has so many fun thing to explore and unique culture which makes it one of the most desirable destinations to visit.

Sweden is undoubtedly beautiful and if you are a traveler who loves nature, pristine natural surroundings, clean air and crystal clear water, then Sweden is actually a paradise! From the history of Viking to Swedish Cuisine, this country is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. So, why wait? Simply apply Swedish Visa by filling a Sweden Visa Application Form on payment of Sweden Visa fees and get to visit this natural paradise soon!

This amazingly incredible country has a spectacular landscape and much more beautiful cities. People know Sweden by big names like IKEA, H&M, Volvo, and Ericsson etc. but what is still unknown to people, is the beauty of this Scandinavian nation. You can have a lot to do and explore in Sweden, right from Skiing to beaches, fishing villages to delicious Swedish food and much more. If seeing the Northern Lights is on the top of your travel bucket list, then head to Sweden as you can experience one of the arresting views of the spectacularly beautiful Northern Lights. But make sure that it is winters and cloudless while you set on to see Aurora Borealis and dark too! Yet another coolest and unusual place to explore in Sweden is the metro in Stockholm! Now you may wonder what can be unusual about a metro or metro station. Let me tell you why! Stockholm metro Art Gallery is one unique and incredibly beautiful metro station where you can board a metro and can explore an art gallery too! This beautiful station of Stockholm boasts of amazing patterns and designs in art, various painting and sculptures and you can see all of it in just the price of your metro ticket. Cool! Isn’t it?

You cannot leave Sweden without indulging in Fika. Fika is basically a Swedish tradition to have coffee with friends or family often accompanied with a pastry or a cookie. If you are in Sweden, don’t forget the Swedes favorites- a Cinnamon Bun and Meat Balls! Have them and you would love it as much as the Swedes do. Trip to Sweden will be incomplete without exploring the old town i.e. Gamla Stan. Enjoy your evening here with a coffee or delicious food, art and several museums while wandering through Gamla Stan. If you are in Sweden for long, don’t forget to explore Gothenburg which is the second largest city of Sweden. If you taking a trip to Sweden during summers, make sure you attend the festivities and celebrations of Midsummer with the locals for the entire city comes alive during that time. Last but not the least, the cluster of thirty thousand islands, rocks and islets i.e. Stockholm Archipelago is something which should be on the top of your travel itinerary. The tranquil surroundings, sandy beaches, ancient villages, mesmerizing azure waters, untouched nature and sightseeing boat tour are the things which makes this Archipelago, a hidden treasure.