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Sweden: A Scandinavian Adventure

May 28, 2018

Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries that you should plan to visit. It gives you an opportunity to explore the awesome mix of culture, heritage and Fashion. The climate here is mild throughout the year with chilling winters. Northern Sweden gives you a unique chance to witness the long lasting sun in summers and dark winters. Get your Sweden Visa and be ready for this mesmerizing Scandinavian adventure.


Sweden is famous for the green forests and lakes. With only 8 to 10% agricultural land, Sweden has more than 60% forests and 90,000 lakes!! The geographical variation between North and south end of Sweden is extreme. With Northern end covered with Snow most of the times, you have a variety of beaches for Sun bathing in south. With the rugged western coast to the picturesque islands in Stockholm, Sweden is one of the amazing countries to visit.


With an area of 1,574 kilometers from Northern to southern ends, the country is wowed with the surreal landscape, historic cities and ecstatic architecture.Sweden can be divided into three major regions Götaland in the south, Svealand in the middle and Norrland in the northwith an interesting fauna which includes varieties of charming orchids.The country is also rich in flora and fauna which contributes to its biological diversity.Renowned for its beautiful scenery, Sweden also has a rich and varied wildlife.


You can also plan on studying in Sweden, Uppsala and Lund being the well-known cities with many universities offering various degree programmers and courses taught in English. If we talk about the language, Sweden is a land of many languages, Swedish being the official language.Despite this many Swedish multinational organizations have English as their corporate language. Other than this people here also speak Finnish, Serbo-Croatian, Arabic, Kurdish, Spanish, German and Farsi. Sweden is a secular Country with a hub of many Religions, Islam being the major religion followed by Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism.


With the innumerable opportunities to get involved in Sweden’s cultural life, concerts, plays, gigs and exhibitions are organized the whole yearround, making the country a major exporter of culture, and pop music in terms of GDP.


Energy conservation and recycling is something important that the world should learn from Swedes.  Around 80% of the solid waste is recycled in Sweden to produce heat, electricity and biogas. Approximately 50 % of energy production in Sweden is from renewable energy sources. The country also mints money by selling the technology of biofuels, bioenergy, windpower, solar power and wastewater treatment to the world. Curious to explore Sweden and experience the rich culture and language, social ideals of equality and fairness,amazing wildlife, diversity of flora and fauna then get your Visa for Sweden now.