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December 22, 2017

Det ar Saligare att giva an att taga – “The act of giving is more worthy, noble and spiritually satisfying than the act of receiving.

Sweden, gives. It gives a person an unforgettable experience of having visited its lands. Sweden, a great Scandinavian nation with thousands of quaint islands and vast forests and glaciated mountains. Sweden has most friendly and amiable inhabitants that go a long way in making the travel top Sweden a pleasurable one. This little Nordic country warmly welcomes and has come a long way since the era of the Vikings. Swedish food is delightfully mouth watering and goes beyond the classic dishes to the newest innovations that give a food critic reason to take notice. Sweden ranks high based on the quality of life, happiness and benevolence, making it an awesome place to live.

Places of Interest :
The Stockholm archipelago:

Sweden’s great archipelago, a cluster of around 30,000 islands, islets and rock formations, it is the perfect blend of rugged nature with wooded islands, rocky cliffs and picturesque beaches. Travellers have access to tens of thousands of beautiful islands and islets, only a fraction of which are inhabited.


A fairytale town located in Sweden’s northern most province, where reindeer racing is a sight guaranteed to charm, is more than four hundred years old and is inhabited by the local indigenous group called the Sami.

Visby, Gotland:

A walled medieval town also called the pearl of the Baltic, is also a world heritage site and this is a source of pride to this Viking town. Strewn with century old ruins, churches with high ceilings and domes, and wild roses make the countryside a charming sight to behold.

ABBA, a famous band of the seventies, originated in Sweden. Also, Ingmar Bergman, the greatest film director of all time, used Sweden as his location for most of his films.

Reading about Sweden creates a tempting urge to visit the place at least once and makes him want to apply for a Sweden visa. A person may apply for a visa to Sweden online because of the easy processes involved.