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Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland, a fairytale place

May 10, 2018

Sweden is a country for nature lovers. There are only 1.4% of the Swedish territory which is occupied by cities and the rest shelters lakes, forests, mountains and other large natural spaces of incredible beauty. There is one region that stands out particularly from the others. You probably know the very famous Swedish Lapland, which is said to be Santa Claus’ region. Lapland also extends to Norway, Finland and Russia, but it is different and unique everywhere.


Swedish Lapland

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Swedish Lapland is simply unique and is home to incredible phenomena. But the spectacle is not only in the sky, because this wild nature offers virgin and unique expanses.Depending on the season you go there, the activities you can do will be totally different. What is certain is that here you can do any type of outdoor activity, so if you are a sports and adventure enthusiast, this is the place for you!


If in winter you can contemplate magnificent Northern Lights, dog sledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing in the forest, quad biking or karting on ice, summer is just as magical. Between May and July, the rainfall is low and the sunshine is maximum, in other words it is the most favorable period to enjoy an exotic and relaxing experience. It is a unique place to enjoy the silence and relax. You will also discover another art of living, quite different but exciting. Have you ever dreamed of eating Reindeer in Santa Claus’ region? It’s hard to get bored in a place like Lapland. In summer you can go for bike rides in the forest, kayaking on the gigantic lakes but also simply hiking with landscapes that you will never forget.


During this period it is the ideal time to observe this incredible phenomenon called the midnight sun. During the night, you will not see the sun go down or at least almost not. You will lose track of time and observe unique colours in the sky.Swedish Lapland is home to Abisko National Park, a 77 km² park that is simply magical. In this park the choice of activities is vast. You can hike through the boreal forests along canyons and waterfalls, explore caves, fly fish, or admire Sweden’s clearest lake in the Kärkevagge valley.


The beautiful island of Sandön is also worth a visit. This island is located on the Luleå archipelago in Swedish Lapland, and as its name indicates, it is covered with sand. You even have the possibility to rent a chalet or camp there. If you are ready to take the plunge and fly to Swedish Lapland to enjoy its unique natural riches, don’t wait and apply online for your Visa for Sweden!