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February 27, 2018

Sweden is a country in Europe that is famous for its vast terrain of mountains, dense forests, lakes and islands. Many people visit this place every year, as the picturesque locations are a visual delight that can never be forgotten. A person needs a Sweden visa to visit this beautiful country and there are so many web sites and agencies offering the Sweden visa service. A Sweden visa may also be applied for online today thanks to the advancements in technology and logistics. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and it is also the most populated country. The following places must be visited by every person taking a trip to Sweden to experience a true taste of this beautiful country.

The Nobel Museum: The Nobel museum is located in central Sweden. The Museum is dedicated to spread awareness and showcase artefacts donated by those who have received the Nobel prize. At the place, a person can get a taste of the “Nobel ice cream” and “Nobel chocolates”. School children in and around the locality are often seen in this Museum on guided tours.

Nobel Museum
Img Credit:- https://goo.gl/Qpb8wy

The Vasa Museum:This great Museum is very special because it has within its walls, a ship from the 17th century that sank on its maiden voyage. This is perhaps the only Museum in Scandinavia that draws the most number of tourists. The best part about the ship is that it is exactly preserved as it was on the day it first set sail.


Vasa Museum
Img Credit:- https://goo.gl/GqdkHV

The Open Air Museum, Skansen:This is the world’s oldest open air Museum and contains a lot of historical information about Sweden. It is located on the Djurgarden island and many Swedish festivals are conducted here. The place also offers breath taking views of Stockholm.


Open Air Museum
Img Credit:- https://goo.gl/vc33fR

ABBA, The Museum:This is more like an exhibition in the hall of fame in Sweden. The exhibition has a lot of exhibits relating to the costumes and other things of this vintage band. Though the band has been disbanded for more than a decade, its legacy is still alive through this Museum and is an interesting place of visit for all the fans of this band.


ABBA, The Museum
Img Credit:- https://goo.gl/kz4UCQ