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International Science Festival

The International Science Festival, Gothenburg

April 12, 2018

The International Science Festival

Sweden, 2018

April 16-27, 2018


The International Science Festival, Gothenburg is one of the most popular Science festivals of Europe and particularly Sweden. It will take place in April this year and will give Science buffs, the chance to attend several exciting events, which will take place as a part of this festival.


If you are a science buff and wish to attend one of the most popular and leading Science events in Europe, then The International Science Festival, Gothenburg will interest you on your upcoming trip to Sweden. The public programme 2018 will take place from April 17-22 and the school programme will take place from April 16-27. Most of the programme of the International Science Festival is in Swedish but some of the activities are also offered in English too.


There are hundreds of activities, which take place as a part of The International Science Festival, Gothenburg, and the event sees around 70000 visits, making it one of the most popular science events in Sweden and the whole of Europe. The festival aims to deliver and communicate Science to students and general public in an easy, interactive and stimulating manner. There is something for everyone in this event and as a part of this festival, you will be able to attend several workshops, exhibits, seminars, debates, music, lectures, theatre, private shows and even the meetings of researchers. So, if you also wish to see the world of Science coming in action and taking up the squares and streets of Gothenburg, then definitely The International Science Festival is the must-attend festival this April during your Sweden vacation.


One of the most authentic Scandinavian city of Sweden, Gothenburg is definitely worth a visit during your Sweden tour. The amazing nightlife, greenery, Gothenburg’s archipelago, trams and much more- Gothenburg is definitely going to impress you. If you are amongst those who love places with less crowds and more of natural beauty, then Gothenburg will serve your purpose. Even the foodies will love this Scandinavian city for there is abundance of quality seafood and great cuisine. Last but not the least, islands, canals and natural beauty will make the most of your Gothenburg trip along with The International Science Festival.


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