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Cinnamon Rolls

Top 5 Swedish Foods to indulge in!

April 4, 2018

Sweden is the best place to visit if you want a break from a busy life and want to be embraced in the serene surroundings, stunning scenery, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and azure water and islands around. This Scandinavian nation is the perfect place to spend your vacations and relish the food served here but before that make sure that you have filled up an Online Sweden Visa Application Form with a Sweden Visa providing agency so that you get your Sweden Schengen Visa on time and there are absolutely no delays for a wonderful holiday in this beautiful country of Europe. Here are my top 5 foods which you should definitely try while you visit Sweden


Prinsesstarta– Prinsesstarta or the Princess Cake is the all-time favorite of Swedes and can be found throughout the Sweden at the bakeries. This green colored elegant and delicious cake is made up of layers of sponge cake, almond paste, jam, custard and whipped cream all covered in a green Marzipan coating in the dome shape. It is widely eaten and loved by the people on birthdays, graduation ceremonies and other celebrations in Sweden and is very light and not too sweet. This can be a perfect indulgence for people having a sweet tooth and is a must have if you are visiting Sweden.



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Smorgasbord– Smorgasbord is a Scandinavian meal in the form of buffet and serves a range of open sandwiches, meatballs, mini sausages and other delicacies. One of the best elements of this buffet is the pickled herring (sill), is one of the favorite dishes of the Swedes, and often served in many flavors like garlic, mustard, onion or dill. This is served with potatoes, chopped onions and chives, sour cream or sometimes with boiled eggs as well.



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Meatballs in cream sauce, mashed potatoes and
– Sweden have one love and guess what? Meatballs- Small and moist meatballs bathed in cream sauce and often served with mashed potatoes or sometimes with macaroni and the all time favorites Lingonberries, of course. This is a typical Swedish dish loved all across Sweden and is the most delicious and lip-smacking meal you will ever get your hands on.


Meatballs in cream sauce

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Cinnamon Rolls– Cinnamon Rolls are known as kenelbulle in Swedish and is a sweet roll, which is so much loved in Sweden that it can be declared as their national food. These yummy spiced rolls can be found in every bakery or food shop across Sweden and are served year round paired with coffee during breakfasts or special occasions. They are baked and served fresh in many sized and variations and a sheer delight with sugar topped on above.


Cinnamon Rolls

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Surströmming– Surströmming is a culinary specialty of the Swedish culture and is a fermented sour Baltic Sea herring. In summers, if you have smelt something peculiar in Sweden, there are good chances that this particular stink is from the tins of fermented Baltic herring. This particular tradition in Sweden dates back to several centuries according to which salt is used to ferment the herring and to prevent it from rotting. The period of six months of fermentation gives the fish its strong smell and the typical acidic taste. This custom is generally performed in open when Swedes crack open the tins of fermented herring due to the overpowering and unpleasant smell. You can eat it with onion, sour cream, buttered bread and potatoes.