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Uppsala health summit 2018 – Fighting Cancer Globally!

June 8, 2018

Uppsala health summit 2018 is focusing on cancer and its treatment methods this year. It will be held in Uppsala, Sweden. So, if you work in the healthcare industry or are a well-wisher of someone suffering from cancer and have a Sweden Visa requirement then apply for your Sweden Visa now.


Cancer affects around 8.2 million people worldwide each year. It is a deadly disease and its treatment is expensive and complex. In many parts of the world, a person diagnosed with cancer perceives this disease as an immediate and fatal threat. Cancer is a disease that is affecting more and more families every year. There is a need for better treatment options for cancer. The summit aims to share ideas and technologies with everyone and form new policies that aim at providing affordable cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Uppsala Health Summit aims to bring together experts from all over the world. Scientists, Private sector representatives, Volunteers and healthcare professionals aim to discuss better methods and technological advancements in cancer research so as to provide equal and better therapy to cancer patients. Don’t miss out on this summit and apply for your Sweden Visa Appointment to get your Sweden visa on time.


The effort is run as collaboration between Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the City of Uppsala and 7 other collaborators. Delegates from all over the globe are attending this Summit on June 14 – June 15 at the Uppsala Castle in Sweden.


The Uppsala University will hold many seminars and guest lectures by professionals and experts who will impart their knowledge and discuss cancer health issues and healthcare policies. There is a broad spectrum of issues that the Uppsala health summit 2018 hopes to address this year. These issues include medicine and drug improvement research, patient healthcare protocols, therapy after treatment and improvement in care and treatment for cancer in children.

Cancer is a lifestyle and genetic disease which targets different organs in the body from head to toe. Each type of cancer affliction is dissimilar from the other, so the treatment also differs and there is still no sure shot path to cancer treatment.


If you are someone who wants to gather more information about cancer and witness the latest developments taking place over the globe then don’t forget to visit Uppsala, Sweden for the Uppsala health summit 2018 from June 14-15. Apply for a Sweden Visa Appointment online to get your Sweden Visa.