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Visit upcoming events in Sweden with Sweden Tourist Visa

July 2, 2019

Ever wondered what makes Sweden rank amongst the top-visited places in Europe?

The country’s magnetism lies behind its natural assets, opulent palaces, intriguing historical monuments & ancient towns & the famed Ice Hotels. The impeccable landscapes, deep-blue archipelagos & northern lights make Sweden a traveler’s paradise.

In case you are planning for a wonderful vacationing with your family this month, Sweden probably is the ideal place to go. The basic requirement to get to this beautiful destination is a Sweden Tourist Visa.

All you need to do is to check Sweden visa requirements & fill the Sweden Visa Application form.

Upcoming Enthralling Events in Sweden

Sweden offers an enthralling escape from the monotonous daily errands round-the-year. No wonder why millions of vacationers from around the globe visit this beautiful Nordic country every year.

The event-calendar of Sweden for the month of July & August is jam-packed with traditional Swedish festivals, Music festivals, midsummer parties & so much more!

We have carefully hand-picked major upcoming events in Sweden. Adding these to your bucket-list will help you make the best out of your visit to Sweden:-

1). Gothia Cup 2019, Gothenburg (July 14 to July 20, 2019) – Gothia Cup refers to a youth football tournament wherein kids & teenagers from across the globe participate, irrespective of their religion, caste, culture & nationality. The tournament is also known as “World Youth Cup” & has been designed to be enjoyed by both locals & visitors.

It will kick-start on 14th July 2019 with a grand & colorful opening ceremony at the Gothenburg’s Gamla Ullevi Stadium. Around 1600 different teams from over 80 countries are expected to participate in the event. The event is likely to attract around 25,000 fans.

Catch up today’s young generation exhibiting sportsmanship & caliber in various sporting events at the Gothia Cup 2019. Join the crowd & encourage them. Apply for a Sweden visa from UK by filling the application form & paying Sweden Visa Fees.

2). Rättviksdansen (International Festival of Folk Dance and Music), Rättvik: Rättviksdansen festival marks the merriments of traditional Swedish dance & music. It is a biennial festival that held in the streets & numerous venues around Rättvik, a pristine town located at the shores of Lake Siljan.
Around 1,000 folk dancers & musicians from various parts of the world gather in Rattvik to celebrate Swedish folkloric tradition. This year the festival will be organized in the last week of July. It will incorporate dance & folk music, folklore shows, dance theatre performances, various programs with specific folkloristic themes, competitions & seminars.

3). Öloppet, Gothenburg (3 August, 2019)- Öloppet refers to a brutal swimming & running race competition that covers some of the beautiful islands near Gothenburg’s Southern Archipelago. It is considered as the world’s largest swimrun event that gives opportunity to both elite & recreational swimmers. The course for this event starts on the island of Styrsö & then passes through the beautiful islands of Brännö and Vrångö.

The participants of Öloppet are required to frequently switch from swimming to running. The three categories of distance that the participants can choose from are-

Öloppet – 40 Kms, which includes 5.7 km of swimming
Öloppet Sprint- 22 kms, which includes 2.6 km of swimming
Öloppet Supersprint- 7.7 Kms, which includes 910 meters of swimming.

Spectators of this unique event can access a free spectator boat & view this enthusiastic & unique sporting event.

4). Gothenburg Culture Festival (6 August to 11 August, 2019)- The Gothenburg Culture Festival ranks amongst the largest culture festivals in Scandinavian Region. Every year, around 1.5 million visitors are enticed by this fascinating & exuberant event.

In this 6-day event, over 1000 distinct cultural activities & events takes place across the west coast of Gothenburg.
Streets & Squares of Gothenburg witness a large number of bon vivants all through the festival. Enthralling music, scrumptious snacks, amazing items of crafts add to the charm of the festival.

Participants of the festival can access a whole new world of innovative ideas through various subjects featured at the festival such as Art, Film, Dance, Cinema, Theatre and Movies.

Be a part of the innovative & traditional Swedish events this July. All you needs is a Sweden Tourist Visa from UK.
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