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March 11, 2019

Easter Week of Sweden

Easter is the first awaited weekend of the spring, the festivity of the Easter week is performed in various ways. On Easter eve kids in Sweden dress in specific kind like witches. In scruffy attire few kids even paint their faces like a demon to deliver Easter letters and get sweets in return.

Swedish Easter Traditions is popular for variety sweets you may find them in varieties and shapes from colored chocolate eggs to duck shaped cakes.

Walpurgisnacht Festivals in Sweden

Walpurgisnacht festival in Sweden is mainly popular for its folklore. This festival is solemnized by lighting up the huge bonfires with the reason to keep the evil spirits away.

This Walpurgisnacht festival is also celebrated as other Halloween festival in Sweden. Walpurgis Night also coincides with the King’s birthday. So don’t miss out to witness the Cultural Festivals in Sweden like never before with Swedish Visa.

Umea Kulturnatta in Sweden

This 24 hours power packed event ensures that travelers can encounter art, cultural, theater and music presentation at various venues. The exciting presentations of music fest are held at various venues throughout the city during the festival.

Umea Kulturnatta festival in Sweden has closely evolved as a vital club scene with the flagship Umea Jazz Studio, country’s leading live jazz concerts since 1977, and encouraged number of sharp musicians, several with international effulgence. Umea has massive and faithful audience.

Umea makes a fantastic music conurbation that pivots, inspires and design space for development and new ideas.

Stockholm Early Music Festivals in Sweden

The Stockholm Early Music fest is Voguish music festivals in Sweden that takes place every year in June. With rising music artists mainly from Sweden and around the globe comes together to exhibit their talents. However presentations of this music fest are based on medieval to revival music periods. The Entire event is supervised in a graceful and flossy manner.

Peace and Love Festival in Sweden:

This festival of Love & Harmony is greatly admired by people of Sweden. Innumerable events & Workshops are organized to encourage mutual respect amongst people to create peace, respect, love & harmony. This event entices massive crowd including Tourists and locals with the help of live concerts by local bands.  This festival began in the year 1999 though got ceased in the year 2013 & came back with a bang in year 2014.

 Stockholm Folk Festival in Sweden:

Beginning of August the Folk Festival of Stockholm is duly organized for a span of four days, the picturesque ambience sways the feet away with multifarious variety of folk and world music & tranquillizes the souls of music lovers. A large number of executives and promising musicians from around the world gather to display their unique folk artistry.

Kivik Apple Market Festival in Sweden

Innovation & Efficiency merged together with lavishing in this one day Kivik Apple Market Festival. This festival is organized during the end of Sweden’s harvesting season and is free for all. This fest is highly inspired by appetizing food items prepared from Apples that includes Apple cider, Apple desserts, pies and much more. There are numerous carving designers who showcase their talent by creating magnificent art works out of Apples.

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