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Stockholm Marathon 2019 is the perfect event for fitness freaks

May 20, 2019

Stockholm – the capital of Sweden is a curious city. Though Stockholm has historically rich past, yet it is one of the modern cities with dynamic environment. The ever evolving city has an urge to try everything. From sightseeing to tracing the evidences of the past, Stockholm has every reason to cease your heart. It is the second most populous start-up hub in the Silicon Valley. This land is the core of attraction for ingenious population of the world.

Considering the closeness to the nature, the Stockholmers regard their city as – ‘Beauty on Water’.

Wanderers get your Sweden Schengen visa to explore the perfect blend of water, flora and city. The picturesque land not only houses the scenic beauty,it also offers sporty experiences first – hand and not only on rectangular TV.

Athletes pack your bags and prime yourself for the biggest Stockholm Marathon 2019. Sports enthusiasts raise your voices for the 40th anniversary celebration of ASICS Stockholm Marathon. As ranked no. 1 in ‘The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons (1997)’, it is the best marathon in the world.People gather in hundreds of thousands, both participants and audience from all over the world to attend the major sporting event in Sweden. The sound of cheering the participants echoes the whole city.

The Olympic Stadium also known as Stockholm,has witnessed countless athletic performances since 1912. The stadium is big enough to conduct the Marathon Expo, the Pasta Party and the Post Race Celebration. No other arena in the world has witnessed as many as 83 officially recognized world records in track and field.The Stockholm Marathon comprises of almost 7500 international runners from more than 90 countries. Hence, this best marathon is also regarded as a multicultural fest.

Sports lovers, the organizers have unveiled the Stockholm Marathon Route. The marathon will commence at the Olympic Stadium and covers 42.2 kilometers in total. The race will be in 2 loops around the city whereby, the first loop is shorter.e of 16.6 km than the second.e of 25.6 km. Stockholm Marathon timings make it unique from other marathons. It is held on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday mornings every year.This year the run will be on 1st June.

Are you excited to run in the best Marathon in the world? Get your Swedish Visa now. Gear yourself up for a summer excursion to Sweden. Beforehand, take care of the criteria and specifications of the race:

• Age Limit: minimum 18 years of age is a compulsion for the participants.

• Post Race: culminate your thirst and hunger with water, soda, coffee, snacks, fruits & beer after the marathon. A Foot care service at the end is the cherry on top.

• Aid Depots: medical assistance will be given at the start and end of the route. Even the refreshment stands also provide health care.

• Refreshments: water and sports drinks are served at every 2 miles along the route.

• Awards: unique 2017 ASICS Stockholm Marathon medal is bestowed to the ones who complete the race in less than 6 hours.
So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for an expedition to the best Marathon in the world this June. Sport lovers you are just a Swedish visa away!